Good Luck Charlie: Appy Days

Good Luck Charlie: Appy Days (March 13, 2011), TV Program. Producer: It’s a Laugh Productions and Disney Channel Original Productions for the Disney Channel.  Actors: Bridget Mendler, Jason Dolley, Bradley Steven Perry, Mia Talerico, Leigh-Allyn Baker, Eric Allan Kramer, Raven Goodwin.  Series dates: 2010 – present.

Plot Summary:  Good Luck Charlie is the story of the Duncan family.  The Duncan’s are parents Amy and Bob, teenagers P.J. and Teddy, 10-year-old Gabe, and new addition, baby Charlie.  The program is a comedy about life for each family member and how it is affected by Charlie’s presence.  This particular episode centered around Teddy and her best friend, Ivy, and their use of a cell phone App that allowed them to fake phone calls in order to trick their mothers into allowing them to attend a senior’s party.  Also in this episode, oldest child, P.J. finds out that his father praises all his children to his co-worker and that his father considers him, “nice,” which P.J. takes as an insult, as compared to his father’s descriptions of the other 3 kids.  Will Teddy and Ivy make it to the party?  Will the duped moms find out the truth?

Review: Good Luck Charlie is a cute family comedy, with likable characters and realistic, if somewhat superficial, storylines.  Part of Teddy’s role is as videographer and narrator of videos made of and for Charlie in which Teddy speaks to the Charlie of the future.  This provides a vehicle for some commentary and reflection at times, as well as adds a fun perspective.

Genre(s): Comedy, Family

Viewing/Interest Level: 8 – 13 years

Available in: Cable TV Disney Channel and online at

Similar Programs: That’s So Raven, The Wizards of Waverly Place, iCarly

Subjects: friendship, perfectionism, jobs

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