Nancy Drew #105: The Clue in the Antique Trunk, by Carolyn Keene

Nancy Drew #105: The Clue in the Antique Trunk.  By Carolyn Keene. Aladdin, 2001. 160 pages.

Plot: Nancy and her friends Bess and George are off to White Falls, Massachusetts to visit Nancy’s former neighbor and White Falls history buff, Vera Alexander.  Vera is running the White Falls crafts fair which includes a fundraiser for the White Falls history museum she hopes to break ground on soon.  But, somebody doesn’t want Vera to succeed with the museum.  The building she wants to use was a knife factory whose owner, Zach Calder, was killed with one of the Calder knives.  The townsfolk think they know who the killer is, but no one is sure.  And who stole the antique trunks from Vera’s house that held the items to be auctioned off to raise funds for the museum?  Nancy and her friends have several mysteries to unravel to get to the clue in the antique trunk.  Will they find out who killed Calder?  Will they find out who is trying to stop the opening of the history museum?

Review: In true Nancy Crew style, this mystery has twists and turns that keep the reader guessing.  Slightly updated from the 1930’s, a computer is used to inventory antiques, but not all the way to today, the story still has the old-fashioned feel of most Nancy Drew novels.  Cell phones would have proved useful for Nancy and her friends, but, alas, the story wasn’t that contemporary.  Fans of Nancy Drew won’t be disappointed, and mystery fans who like suspense in an accessible and relatively mild form, will also enjoy this novel.  Excellent mystery for younger tweens, as things always seem to feel in control when Nancy is around.

Genre(s): Adventure, Mystery

Reading/Interest Level: 8-12 years

Available in: Hardcover, Paperback, eBook

ISBN: 978-0743423458

Subjects: robbery, history, murder, antiques, friendship, mystery

Character names:

Nancy Drew: intrepid teen detective

Bess Marvin: Nancy’s friend, helps solve mysteries, cousin of George

George Fayne: Nancy’s friend, helps solve mysteries, cousin of Bess

Vera Alexander: Nancy’s former neighbor who invites Nancy and her friends to the crafts fair and hopes to get some help with figuring out who is out to destroy her museum plans

Julie Bergson: Vera’s assistant

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