Time for Kids That’s Awesome! The World’s Most Amazing Facts & Records, by the Editors of Time for Kids Magazine

Time for Kids That’s Awesome! The World’s Most Amazing Facts & Records. By the Editors of Time for Kids Magazine. Time Home Entertainment, Inc., 2010.  208 pages. $19.95

Content: In fifteen “AWESOME” chapters, this book provides information about noteworthy (awesome) things from around — and beyond — the world.  Each page is covered in colorful photographs as well as printed facts.  Readers can learn about things huge and tiny, incredible animals and plants, remarkable sports events, unusual food, the wonder of outer space, extreme weather, and more.  From new technologies and a $30,000 doghouse to beetles bigger than your hand and wonders of the ancient world this book will amaze and thrill.  Find out: what is the largest waterfall in the world, what is the largest mammal on earth, how to spot computer spyware, who was the first American woman in space, the snowiest places in the U.S., how to build a miniature scene in the eye of a needle and MUCH MORE!

Review: Exciting, interesting, and awe inspiring, That’s Awesome is a great choice for reluctant readers and readers more interested in non-fiction, which often, but not always, is boys.  The hundreds of items included in the book are fascinating.  The photographs are colorful and beautiful.  The topics are varied.  The book is published by Time Home Entertainment, which lends some legitimacy to the book, assuring readers that the facts are well researched and accurate.

Genre(s): Non-Fiction

Reading/Interest Level: 9-12 years

Available in: Hardcover

ISBN: 978-1603201568

Similar Books: Guinness World Records 2011, Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! Enter if You Dare, Time for Kids Super Science Book

Subjects: animals, plants, outer space, dinosaurs, sports, food, arts, weather, jobs, technology, human body, history

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