Soldier, DK Eyewitness Books, by Simon Adams

Soldier, DK Eyewitness Books.  By Simon Adams.  DK Publishing, 2009.  72 pages. $8.99

Content: Soldiers have been around a long time, defending their lands, invading other lands, protecting treasures.  Soldiers come from all over the world, wearing different uniforms, using different weapons and forms of intelligence, saluting to differing leaders.  In this information-packed book, readers can learn about soldiers from many times and places.  From English soldiers of 1204 defending medieval castles to samurai warriors of Japan and women soldiers to guerrilla fighters, there is a lot to learn about soldiers.  Read about enlistment, training, weaponry, uniforms, rations, intelligence and much more.  Learn the difference between a platoon and a brigade (a platoon is 30 soldiers a brigade is 3,000).  Find out how Zulu warriors shields were used to make the army look like it had twice as many soldiers as it did.  This book includes hundreds of facts along with hundreds of high quality, full color photos and a CD with Soldier Clip Art.

Review: High interest and high quality facts and visuals make this book a great choice for a tween interested in anything soldier-related.  Topics covered allow for a comprehensive overview of the subject, and there are also many intriguing details.  Many tweens, particularly tween boys, are fascinated by war, so this book is a good way to get those kids reading at a challenging level.  While some of the most harsh and dramatic realities of war are glossed over, this book maintains a fairly neutral stance without glorifying violence.  When a specific battle is discussed, there is a mention of the number of soldiers injured and killed.  There is a two-page spread on morale, and a two-page spread called “Honoring the soldier,” but the pictures include very little in the way of death or injury.  It’s a fine line, because too much gore could make the book inappropriate for this age group.  Too little, protects readers from the full story.  Overall, this is a high quality book, includes an index, and a timeline of soldiers and wars.

Genre(s): Non-Fiction

Reading/Interest Level: 8-12 years

Available in: Hardcover, Paperback

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Subjects: soldiers, artillery, tanks, armor, army, navy, air force, marines, battlefield, battles, war, weapons, intelligence, spies, troops, mines

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