Pigs and Legos and Pizza, Oh My!


I just had to report the conversation I had with my kids today on the way to school.  This gives a glimpse into what they think about my coursework.

Elijah (11 years): Mama, what do you do all day?

(You see, I work from home and go to school from home, and he knows that, but I think he has some sense that sitting at the computer all day is fun, so he wonders when I actually work…)

Me: Well, I do homework and work work and stuff around the house.  Like today I’m going to finish a paper I have due tomorrow.

Ari (6 years): What is your paper about?

Me: Well, you know how there are all different kinds of people?  Some people are black, some people are white, some people are Mexican, people speak different languages, people are all different, and my paper is about how libraries can make sure to serve all the people who come to them.

(I was all proud of myself for summing up cultural competency in libraries so a 6 year old could understand, until…)

Ari: That’s boring.

Me: What would be interesting?

Ari: How do pigs snort?

Me: What other things would you like to learn about?

Ari: Write about Legos.

Me: Well it has to be a question or something to write about, like what should we write about Legos?

Ari: Why Legos are so awesome!

Me: What else?

Ari: And why pizza is so awesome!

Me: Well, it has to be about libraries.

Elijah: Write about why libraries should have Lego books in them. 

(Elijah’s class has been writing “persuasive” writing assignments)

Elijah: Is this like a persuasive writing assignment?

(we’re just pulling up to school)

Me: No, it’s something different, I’ll explain it to you…

(As he steps out of the car and closes the door)

Elijah: Please don’t. 

(I laughed all the way home!)

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